Update 1.0.5

This is another small update to fix some bugs.

Predators now stand on the player's spot after they won, as they did in the original game. Before, they stood on their old spot. This bug was reported by BardBun.

If the player is close enough to a human base on the world map, a small, random base also appears in the survival map. This was earlier north of the player, but it should actually be west of the player. The x and y coordinates in the original game are exchanged for the survival map in memory.

Also, I had explicitly programmed the game to continue when the last player defeated all others but the number of turns was not unlimited. After Alexander Patrakov mentioned this to me, I checked the original game and it does ask the player if (s)he wants to continue also in games with limited turns. I don't know why I implemented it the other way before.